Puff Pastry is a flaky light pastry made from a laminated dough composed of fat (butter or margarine), which is put inside a flour dough. The fat is layered with the dough, creating hundreds of flaky layers. This proper lamination requires proper chilling and letting the dough relax in between foldings to keep margarine from becoming runny. When the cold butter or margarine goes into a hot oven, steam is released, causing all those layers to separate and the pastry to puff up sky high.

Why choose our Premium Puff Pastry?

  • Made with Imported Margarine

    In commercially available puff pastry,the shortening is used as a fat content. Shortening has a high melting point so the puff pastry made with it will rise more but often have a waxy mouthfeel and more bland flavor. We use imported margarine which has the ability to spread very thin without breaking apart.

  • No Waxy Flavor

    It does not leave your mouth with a waxy flavor. It gives equally rise to your baked stuff as shortening gives but with a far better flavor and aroma.

  • Free from Preservatives and Chemicals

    Commercially made puff pastry contains high amount of chemicals and preservatives to increase its shelf life. We give you a 100% chemical and preservative free product made under utmost hygienic environment.

  • Easy to Handle

    People with any level of baking skills can get amazing results at home. You don't even need an oven, many of our customers simply bake amazing patties on stove in a cooking pot.


Premium Cooking Oil
Imported Margarine

Puff pastry is superb every time I try it and it feels so fresh and light. Big fan of your Puff Pastry.

Mrs. Zeenat


I made Quichè. Puff Pastry was really good and very tasty. Very happy with it. Thank you



Dimensions N/A

1 Kilogram, 500 Gram

5 reviews for Premium Puff Pastry

  1. Sadaf

    It was tasty…with perfect crispness

    Customer made pastries with Premium Puff Pastry

  2. Mariyah

    i made quichè.. puff pastry was really good.. and very tasty.. very happy with it.. thank you

    Customer made quichè with Premium Puff Pastry

  3. Eman

    Made chicken pie and it was superb

    Customer made chicken pie with Premium Puff Pastry

  4. Mrs. Zeenat

    The puff pastry is superb everytime I try it ..and it feels so fresh and light. Big fan of your puff pastry and soon will order for more

  5. Sara

    I made qeema and cheese filled puff pastry. Did an egg wash on top for a golden colour. They were really flaky and light. Thanks

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